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What is pet cremation?
Pet cremation is the process of reducing a pet's body to its basic elements through a process of intense heat in a cremation chamber. The remains are then processed and returned to the pet owner in an urn.
What is "Private Cremation"?
Private cremation is one pet at a time with no other bodies present in the cremation chamber. This ensures that the cremated remains returned to the family are solely those of their loved one.
What is the cost for "Private Cremation"?
Pets Under 50 Pounds $255 
Pets Over 50 Pounds $285 

Pets Over 125 Pounds $385

Pets over 125lb  Include a Cherry Photo or Standard Metal Urn

Do I Have to Pay for an Urn?
Cremated remains can be returned to you in a standard container that’s included in the cremation charge. You may purchase an urn with personalized engraving if you so choose.                                  click here for  *Memorial Items
Can I witness the Cremation?
Cremation viewing may be available to family members if arranged in advance. Check with your pet cremation service for more information. This service  allows the pet owner to observe the pet's cremation from a designated viewing room.
Does your crematory provide pet euthanasia?
Euthanasia takes place by a Veterinarian, at a Pet Hospital, or your Home. 
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